‘OFFENCEomania’- The New Epidemic in Town



Taking offence has now become the new ‘normal.’ People across the globe are now taking offence at the drop of a hat. It’s spreading like a fatal disease and is gradually becoming an epidemic. What is wrong with all of us ? Were we always like this but expressing offence right now (all thanks to a hundred outlets on the web) or do the times we live in are bad times ? My answer will be BOTH.

The human race has always been sensitive. Sometimes for its own good, sometimes for the better of others and sometimes (sadly) for the worse.  People were offended then and people are being offended now. The only difference is that in ancient times word of mouth was the only way to express oneself. Today a lot of us have our own unique spot in cyberspace. More outlets , more voices – some are genuine voices and the majority are just misinformed beings. Anonymous people with loud offended voices.

I see people going cuckoo on the internet for quite some time now. Social media has given us a platform to voice out our opinions and that is a good thing. But it has also created  a whole army of completely misinformed and mislead loons. When a certain topic trends on Twitter or on Facebook , i see a thousand faces venting out their voice under those hashtags. Now it would have been a good thing had those people actually been informed . I mean sure have a voice and express your ‘informed’ opinion but make sure it counts into something productive. Else, no point at all. Sadly they’re not informed. They’re misguided. It’s more of a ‘booking my spot under the hashtag’ kind of a thing.

Expressing yourself on issues that won’t even affect you or commenting about people you won’t even meet is irrelevant. I mean there are a thousand better thing to do. As for people who’re a part of your daily life and issues that concern you, here’s an advice – You don’t like things around you – try changing them by taking an initiative that’ll help people. Else, just change yourself. No amount of abuse and moral filth via your tweets or Facebook statues is going to be of any good, neither to yourself nor to others. You don’t like something that somebody did or said – either bring about a change or  ignore it.

Now let’s come to the second question i raised before – Are we living in bad times ? I’d say there could have not been a better time to live. We’re a damn lucky generation for we have seen the world changing , progressing and transforming. The luxuries of yesterday are the necessities of today and we have them all. We have witnessed the IT revolution and have seen a massive revolution take on the world in the last ten- fifteen years. The only thing missing  (and sadly so) is our attitude to discriminate people other than our own . In short people who are ‘different’ from us. Every time a person has a ‘different’ point of view on matters relating to religion, politics, and gender (Trust me people get offended by these subjects all the time), the majority seem to gang up on the ‘different’ individual.

In India, we’re currently divided on the ‘Tolerance Debate.’ Some of us feel that we’re becoming more intolerant while others feel we’re still quite a tolerant nation. It’s okay to be on either side of the debate as long as we have our valid reasons. It’s also okay to disagree. But to impose our point of view on others is not being tolerant. Tolerance does not teach us to agree to everything others have to say. It teaches us to allow people different from ourselves to have their space to voice their point of view. That’s all.

One very important thing that needs to realized is that more than 50% of the world still does not have access to the internet so let’s just think beyond social media on relevant issues. Not every voice that takes offence is relevant. Don’t let the trolls bother you. The world will not remember them hundred years from now. They’ll be mocked. Actually they’re mocked even today. People who’ll contribute towards humanity will be remembered. Be a part of the contributors and not the ones who hold the human race back. Had bright men and women from the previous generations allowed the trolls (they were always there, now they’re just loud and abusive on the internet) to distract them , the world would still be sitting in the dark ages.

Have a voice and contribute to people who need to be uplifted. Have a voice for your own self and learn to stand up for yourself. Have a voice against the fear and the hate that the world tries to instill in us. Don’t bother at what others have to say because you really don’t need to shout out loud at every little thing that happens around and is of little importance. Don’t be a part of the rat race because even if you win it , you’ll still be a rat . Did that offend you ?



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No Place Called Home ?

Syrian Crisis

The above picture of a 3 year toddler Syrian child went viral recently. It broke a million hearts and made millions cry. It also incited public outrage and shamed world leaders. His name was Aylan and was from war torn Syria. His final journey was supposed to end in Europe.However, it claimed his life and highlighted the plight of  innocent people caught in the darnest refugee crisis that the world has seen in a while.

Before seeing this picture, a lot of people were not even aware of the crisis in Syria – I can vouch for that. People are busy with their own lives , complaining about petty things when a lot of people around the world don’t even have a place they can call home. Half of the 23 million population of Syria have been forced from their homes, with four million becoming refugees in other countries. The civil war in Syria as well as in a lot of other nations in the  middle east and North Africa have become notoriously barbarous and ruthless.

It breaks my heart to see endless people being displaced out of their own homes. Families that were previously living peaceful lives are now forced to become refugees. Who is a refugee ? A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. According to the official statistics of UNHCR the number of forcibly displaced worldwide is 59.5 million.

Where are the human rights of all these people ? What if we are in that exact sam e plight as these people ? When did our world become filled with so much hate and violence ? I can keep posing endless questions here but i have no answers. None at all. Nobody in the world should live under shadows. Every individual matters. Every life matters. I hope that this world becomes a beautiful place – just the way it was intended and this mad charade of violence and bloodshed ends forever.











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Family is Forever

In the years of your life when you’re growing up from a child to an adult, you take almost everything for granted. That time you’re kind of stuck in a very artificial, a very materialistic world around you. That materialistic world is actually something you find pleasure in. It sort of provides the growth you need in life – financial growth. Little do you realize that money is something you anyways ought to earn but what about the emotional growth, the psychological growth? You are happy since you feel that you are lucky enough to make it big in life. Everything is happening exactly the way you want it to be. You’re happy being a free spirit until one day when things start to change.

You start to realize that life isn’t that simple. The world is a mean place. You start feeling that pain which a lot of people were having all along but you didn’t realize they did, since your world was perfect. That is the time when you start counting your blessings and you finally realize that you were lucky all along, and you could remain a free spirit not only because of who you are but mainly because you are blessed with a family that never left your side. A family that chose to accept you exactly the way you are, and let you fly. A family that loves you so much that you never ever had the need to search for love outside. A family that is your life.

You grew up from a baby to a child, and then to a teenager and finally an adult. You came across all kinds of people – good, bad, and the ugly. You had experiences that left you wondering about life and its complexity, also sometimes about its beauty. The dynamics you had with people constantly changed since people are materialistic. But one thing that remained constant throughout was the connection, the dynamic and the bonding you had with your family. That just didn’t change and if at all it did, was for the better. In fact it was for so much better.

Every moment no matter how awesome or disgusting , your family stood by you. Took your happiness as their own, took your achievements as their own, and took your strife too, as entirely as their own. When the world left you to fend for yourself, your family provided you with the warmth that gave you so much of comfort; you forgot all your misery. When the world judged you for being different, your family celebrated that difference and taught you to stand out every single time. It taught you to be at a spot in your life which people crave for. That was the time you felt so grateful and wondered every single time – what would have you ever done without your family?

You felt that – yes now you’ve finally grown. You start drawing comparisons to people entering in your life. The more you think about your family, the more grateful you feel for them having you in their lives, at a place so special that just cannot be substituted. A place they proudly let you own. A place they will never give to anyone else. That is the time you know for sure that the place you have for your family will also. never ever be substituted. Nobody in the world can take that spot ever. It can never be worth it to share that spot. That spot is for your family exclusively. The more you love your family, the less is the need to understand the world around since it isn’t worth it. Never was, never will be. The world at large is a selfish place. But my world comprises my family and that is beautiful. So damn beautiful. Don’t really care what the world outside is up to. Let it remain mean. Let it never understand you. Let it test you. Let it give you all the pain. It’ll just make you stronger.

Who needs the world when you have a kick-ass family with a support system that is rock solid? I owe my family everything. My folks are my world 🙂

“Having a place to go – is a home. Having someone to love – is a family. Having both – is a blessing.”



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One Kind Deed..

One of those days when my anger crossed every limit..felt like bashing the first person who came across..the slightest change in stimuli around could have aggravated my aggression to a higher, crazier limit..Skipped my meals too (which i generally don’t), all in all the day was going rough..until i decided to finally sink it in and eliminate the extra factors patiently. Sinking it all in i decided to feed myself..i was starving..prepared 2 packets of maggie noodles..and just when i was about to take my first bite after an insane day..i heard an innocent voice from across the little kitchen window..I went outside and there stood a child ,barefoot around nine , who lives in the shabby building behind my own..he said something which i hadn’t heard for years..'” i’m hungry, i feel like having maggie.”..all the frenzy just negated..and kept me thinking while i was in the kitchen preparing something to eat and wasting the entire day on things that don’t really matter, this child stood outside ,felt hungry since he smelled the aroma..i had the plate right in front of me but i just could not eat..because if i did i would have thought and thought the entire night about all the things that we take for granted..and so i shared it with him..he said ,” thank you.” .. and that was the best feeling  was..all genuine..real smile..real feelings..nothing plastic unlike all of us.

There’s something about childhood that is so innocent..why should any child crave for things we don’t even care about?why should any child suffer?how were we as kids different from that child outside?Why did we enjoy all the luxury when so many of us struggle each day?Sad feeling i’m going through today.The experience moved me and made me realize that even though i consider myself really satanic, i still have that basic goodness left in me..the goodness with which i was born , the goodness with which i was nurtured, and the goodnesss which was instilled in me so as to feel for my fellow human beings.. :)..The good thing about that child is that he goes to getting his basic education..and tomorrow if he keeps working hard he might just set an example..become an inspiration..but for the millions of children across the world who still can’t go to school what will the future hold?

We don’t need to go out on the streets raising slogans against governments for not acting well, for not eradicating poverty..or flaunt to the world about our donations to charitable organisations..All we need to do is perform one kind deed each day for someone selflessly..make someone happy in the true sense of the term..and at night smile to the person in the mirror, pat our back and sleep in peace..After all one kind deed each day by each one has the power to make this weary world a really beautiful place to live in.

One Good Deed

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