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Truly Madly Deeply a Hopless Romantic ;)


I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with the idea of love 🙂

Love for a person , love for the beauty of nature, love for literature – I just love the magic surrounding the feeling that is love. I live in my moments. I live for my moments. They count. Each moment counts. My moments are my treasure. The small gestures in life make a huge difference. They make me happy. My heart still belongs to the ‘awwwww’ moments.

I am a ‘romantic’ at heart. I live in a world i fill with ‘awe.’ I still prefer writing colourful letters to sending emails. Beauty for me is still innate and not plastic. A flower from a garden with a small bow on it is still more heart warming to me than an online apparel. Music from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven‘ still holds flavour. Poetry by Frost still delights me. A cup of coffee with a smiley on it still feels delectable. The first flake of snow still feels ambrosial. The first flower in spring still appears fascinating.

My world is still replete with allure and it will remain like that forever 🙂

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A friend. A confidant. A Companion for life. 


What is the most difficult thing to pursue in this world ? Being Yourself !

What is the easiest way to achieve it ? Land up with the right person 🙂

See a face you love each day and you’ll never run out of smiles. Talk to a bud in a partner and you’ll never wan to turn away from home. Hold hands of a champ and you’ll feel like a winner for the rest of your life.

Love, they say is unconditional. Holds true.

The universe has it planned for everyone. All you have to do is understand and catch the vibe. If being single is what makes you happy, wait for the time when you find yourself in a relationship where the happiness doubles. It takes two to make a team. It takes united two to make a damn good one.

Be the best version of yourself every single day by being with the kind of person who respects you, accepts you and loves you for who you are. A friend. A confidant. A Companion for life. That is the secret to happiness.

In the last three decades of my existence on this planet, I’ve come across a pile of definitions of love and soulmates. But here’s what touched my heart –

” …A Soulmate is someone who will make you be the most you that you can possibly be.”

I found my guy 🙂

Dedicated to you Ashie 🙂


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” You Are My Love” by Mihran Kalaydjian in Duet

Mihran Kalaydjian Singing Duet ” You Are My Love”

Lyrics:  Akriti Mattu
Producer: Samer Khoury & Sami Abdo
Recording & arrangement: Paramount Studios

Hey people, wishing all of you an extremely progressive and a joyous new year -2015.

There could have not been a better way to start the new year than by sharing a song about love , that i wrote.  We recorded it a few days ago but i waited till today to post it. Firstly because it’s the first day of the year and secondly and more importantly because it is Mihran’s Kalaydjian’s birthday. Mihran Kalaydjian is my mentor and also the composer of this beautiful  track. I wish him all the very best on his birthday today and a remarkable year ahead. Also, a word of gratitude for letting me be a part of his venture and giving me an opportunity to write lyrics for his outstanding tracks.

To all you lovely people, i wish lots of happiness , strength and success in 2015. Keep rising and shining 🙂

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Winner of the ‘Classic Brit Awards 2015’: Mihran Kalaydjian Singing ‘Never Alone Again’

Mihran Kalaydjian Singing Never Alone Again.

Lyrics: Armen Tasmanian & Akriti Mattu
Genre: Rabiz
Year: 2014
Producer: Edward Khoury & Sami Abdo
Recording & arrangement: Paramount Studios

This is an extremely wonderful track sung by the very talented Mihran Kalaydjian. It’s about a woman in love with a man whose love she appreciates and without whom she cannot imagine her existence. The most amazing aspect of the song is that it has been nominated for an award at “Classic Brit Awards 2015′ to be held at London in February next year 🙂 Every time i post a link of Mihran Kalaydian’s songs on my blog , makes me feel so proud of myself. The man is so talented that i feel privileged to write lyrics for some of his songs. His music and his voice have an element of sanctity, of purity. One can feel nothing less then applause for this great artist 🙂

All you lovely people have always given us so much support . I’d like you to continue giving that support this time too. So go and check out the track on YouTube.


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Mihran Kalaydjian Playing ‘You Are the Love of My Life’ – When Your Words Get a Melody for them (Stage – II)

Mihran Kalaydjian Playing ‘You Are the Love of My Life’

Lyrics: Akriti Mattu
Music Arrangements: Edward Khoury
Pianist: Mihran Kalaydjian ” Mino”
Record Labels: Paramount Studios
Location: Del Mar, San Diego CA

The song is about a lover expressing his endless love to his beloved. He loves every aspect of her and is madly in love with her. He found her one in a million and ever since he had this metaphysical connection, which will last forever. All you lovely people reading this, check out the track and enjoy 🙂


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Family is Forever

In the years of your life when you’re growing up from a child to an adult, you take almost everything for granted. That time you’re kind of stuck in a very artificial, a very materialistic world around you. That materialistic world is actually something you find pleasure in. It sort of provides the growth you need in life – financial growth. Little do you realize that money is something you anyways ought to earn but what about the emotional growth, the psychological growth? You are happy since you feel that you are lucky enough to make it big in life. Everything is happening exactly the way you want it to be. You’re happy being a free spirit until one day when things start to change.

You start to realize that life isn’t that simple. The world is a mean place. You start feeling that pain which a lot of people were having all along but you didn’t realize they did, since your world was perfect. That is the time when you start counting your blessings and you finally realize that you were lucky all along, and you could remain a free spirit not only because of who you are but mainly because you are blessed with a family that never left your side. A family that chose to accept you exactly the way you are, and let you fly. A family that loves you so much that you never ever had the need to search for love outside. A family that is your life.

You grew up from a baby to a child, and then to a teenager and finally an adult. You came across all kinds of people – good, bad, and the ugly. You had experiences that left you wondering about life and its complexity, also sometimes about its beauty. The dynamics you had with people constantly changed since people are materialistic. But one thing that remained constant throughout was the connection, the dynamic and the bonding you had with your family. That just didn’t change and if at all it did, was for the better. In fact it was for so much better.

Every moment no matter how awesome or disgusting , your family stood by you. Took your happiness as their own, took your achievements as their own, and took your strife too, as entirely as their own. When the world left you to fend for yourself, your family provided you with the warmth that gave you so much of comfort; you forgot all your misery. When the world judged you for being different, your family celebrated that difference and taught you to stand out every single time. It taught you to be at a spot in your life which people crave for. That was the time you felt so grateful and wondered every single time – what would have you ever done without your family?

You felt that – yes now you’ve finally grown. You start drawing comparisons to people entering in your life. The more you think about your family, the more grateful you feel for them having you in their lives, at a place so special that just cannot be substituted. A place they proudly let you own. A place they will never give to anyone else. That is the time you know for sure that the place you have for your family will also. never ever be substituted. Nobody in the world can take that spot ever. It can never be worth it to share that spot. That spot is for your family exclusively. The more you love your family, the less is the need to understand the world around since it isn’t worth it. Never was, never will be. The world at large is a selfish place. But my world comprises my family and that is beautiful. So damn beautiful. Don’t really care what the world outside is up to. Let it remain mean. Let it never understand you. Let it test you. Let it give you all the pain. It’ll just make you stronger.

Who needs the world when you have a kick-ass family with a support system that is rock solid? I owe my family everything. My folks are my world 🙂

“Having a place to go – is a home. Having someone to love – is a family. Having both – is a blessing.”



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I feel it is important in life to set limits ..not so much for ourselves as much for people around. The sooner we can draw boundaries and set limits for people the better it is..The more delay we make ..the more expectations we keep and that doesn’t really end well..After all it is  a strange selfish world we live in..its the kind of place where gratitude is rare..

..People are amnesic..they forget things soon..or lets say they don’t want to remember..because the more they’ll remember ,the more they’ll have to acknowledge what others have done for them and will end up unsatisfied and frustrated with their lives because reciprocation, thankfulness and heart felt gratitude isn’t everybody’s cup of tea..and therefore ‘purposeful’ amnesia is the key for a majority of people to live their lives.

The little things in life, the little gestures are what really make up life..a phone call to  a friend in need, a surprise visit to a distant relative, an early morning message to kick start the day, a flower to a child on the street, a hug to a agonized soul..all these things really count..and  a lot of people even in this day do all these things for people who matter..What doesn’t happen is reciprocation..and if is rare.

The human race is in a habit for taking things for granted..until of course they no longer are present anymore..people feel they are lucky to be benefiting from certain people in their lives.What they don’t realize is that no luck is involved .. a lot of effort is by people who care.So if you ever feel that you are lucky to be the way you are ,think are that way because you have  a lot of people behind your support you, love you, do things for you without being asked turn what they expect is that you reciprocate not the things, but the efforts and the feelings..people who can’t even reciprocate are fools because they lose on a lot of things in life..and when they do realize and wanna make amends, it is too late.

Right things are to be done at the right time – neither before nor after..Value the good people in your life.It isn’t your destiny that you have have to earn them by your efforts and intentions for a life time because if they leave, they’ll never look back..and you will end up being alone..Nobody waits for anyone..everyone here is on his own..and that is why it is  so important to share ..not your money, not your possessions but your time..if you really want to give people something give your time and make them feel special..That will be the best way to reciprocate..Don’t just keep receiving ..learn to give..selflessly..start reciprocating before it gets too late!!


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