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A friend. A confidant. A Companion for life. 


What is the most difficult thing to pursue in this world ? Being Yourself !

What is the easiest way to achieve it ? Land up with the right person 🙂

See a face you love each day and you’ll never run out of smiles. Talk to a bud in a partner and you’ll never wan to turn away from home. Hold hands of a champ and you’ll feel like a winner for the rest of your life.

Love, they say is unconditional. Holds true.

The universe has it planned for everyone. All you have to do is understand and catch the vibe. If being single is what makes you happy, wait for the time when you find yourself in a relationship where the happiness doubles. It takes two to make a team. It takes united two to make a damn good one.

Be the best version of yourself every single day by being with the kind of person who respects you, accepts you and loves you for who you are. A friend. A confidant. A Companion for life. That is the secret to happiness.

In the last three decades of my existence on this planet, I’ve come across a pile of definitions of love and soulmates. But here’s what touched my heart –

” …A Soulmate is someone who will make you be the most you that you can possibly be.”

I found my guy 🙂

Dedicated to you Ashie 🙂


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A Day Without ‘LOL’ Moments is a Day Wasted !!


Notice the above picture ? What does it say – ‘Laugh out Loud.’  A lot of you tend to use the ‘LOL’ acronym way too commonly, and that’s good. It indeed is but do you actually implement it in your actual lives? NO.

Well here’s the thing people and get this straight – You have got to let go of your inhibitions and embrace laughter as much as you can. Even in the year 2014, with all the access to technology and so many other awesome things, if you can’t even laugh. what the hell are you living for. Laugh like a child because that is the purest , the most genuine form of laughter. If you feel that your life is stressful and you don’t have enough reasons to be happy , and laugh out loud – CREATE those reasons. Most importantly, distance yourselves from negativity and negative people. They will suck the life force out of you.Count all those people in, who help you release Endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates, designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure. Endorphin is known as the ‘happiness hormone’. It does away with all your stress and makes you happy at heart.

The most insignificant things that you tend to take for granted will assist you in releasing Endorphins – the smell of chocolate, a bite of your favourite dessert, a hot shower after a hectic day, a good workout session that makes you feel good about yourself, a healthy interaction with someone positive, watching a sitcom, reading a really inriguing book, a really nice ‘make- out’ session , if you have that option of course 😉 and lots of laughter. Laughter is healthy, laughter fills you with positivity and it is definitely contagious. That is why you have got to surround yourselves with people who will literally make you release Endorphins. Laughter cleanses you inside out. It helps build your immunity. It helps lower your blood pressure. It even helps toning your abs. More than anything else, it contributes to your overall well being. Therefore, don’t waste time in waiting to be happy, waiting to laugh, waiting for having your perfect moments. Now is perfect , it’s as good as any time. Just laugh because a day without LOL moments is a day wasted and a life without LOL moments is an entire life time wasted.


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Flush Out The Most Dangerous Toxin Of All – Negativity


Energy is the single most important force that constitutes the universe and therefore, also the human existence. For me, energy symbolizes efficiency, ardor, vitality, potency and more than anything else – spirit. The gigantic universe that we all are a part of, consists of light and dark matter. In the same way our lives comprise of people – both positive and negative. Either way, they have an impact on us. Interesting thing is that people can lie, manipulate their ugly intentions with welcoming actions, can indulge in sugar coated sweet talk even though malice is what is inside them and yet their vibes don’t lie. Just don’t.  People may deceive us but their vibes don’t.

I recently came across this really interesting term – ‘Energy Vampires.’ What it signifies is people who can be synonymous to vampires in draining you, except that they don’t drain out blood, they drain out your ‘chi’ or positive life energy.  They suck the life force out of you. They are envious of the little things that might not even hold any importance to you.  The way you talk, the way you carry yourself, the way you think – they get envious of everything. In short, your overall persona is what makes them cringe.

Now the problem is that somehow they don’t uplift themselves from their own ‘set ways’ but try their level best to bring you down. Their problem is not their own despair but your happiness.  Such people, in my view are indulging in the worst form of human existence. They somehow are unable to channelize the envy they posses as a factor in motivating them to do better (since you cannot pull people backwards, you can push yourself forward). Instead they will litter it around to do harm to you. Worst part is that it isn’t as if they harm you physically (although that can happen too).

The mere thought of you doing well elicits from them such a strong force of negativity, that you actually feel it. It harms you in every way and even though a lot of people may theorize that don’t let such people get to you, it takes time to build that endurance. Mean while these ‘Energy Vampires’ wreak havoc in your lives – emotionally, mentally, psychologically and even anatomically.  These EV’S as I call them, cringe, take offence and are full of pitch black envy at things that you might want to laugh at. I mean right from posting a lovely picture on Facebook to, let’s say getting a lot of hits at your newly created website. From being appreciated by a lot of people to actually being successful. From coming from affluent background to being a free spirit, these people despise it all.

They do it not because they hate these things but because they can’t have them (deep inside they keep wishing they’d have it all). It’s a whole different story though, that no one’s stopping them. They’re creating that hindrance themselves since they waste their energy in thinking maliciously about you.  Instead they should make more way for themselves. But since that usually doesn’t happen, it is extremely important for us to protect ourselves from the negativity around.

Neutralize the negativity around. Restore the balance within. Try maintaining your aura around you. The more you radiate positivity, the more you make your aura stronger. Make your aura your Armor. Subdue their negativity with your ‘chi.’ Be careful whom you give your attention to. The more you give attention to a thing, the more it grows, so make sure only the things worth it get your attention. Let the positive things, the positive situations and the positive people get your attention.  Do not ever get engulfed by the negativity around since it is contagious. Just as a black hole sucks in all the light around, negativity sucks in all the positivity around. Negativity leaves you empty. Try filling that void with positivity.

Surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with nature because to be in sync with nature does wonders to you. Extremely few people know how to live in a fascinating way. Others spend their days breathing – only breathing, not living.  Stop over thinking about all the things you cannot control. How people react, why people get envious, how people cringe, why people derive a sadistic pleasure each time you’re committing mistakes, feeling awful and are on an all time low, will never be in your hands . What will be in your hands is the power of selectivity, of inaccessibility, and of goodness. ‘Selectivity’ for selecting very carefully the thoughts you pick up. ‘Inaccessibility’ for distancing yourself from all the people who will never think good of you, and will keep cringing for who you are. ‘Goodness’ since you are not a bad person. So, you don’t have to live by the philosophy of ‘”an eye for an eye” because if you do that, there will be no difference between them and you.

Be the way you are – Virtuous, wonderful and seasoned. Transform yourself from within, the outside environment will change automatically. Work hard on yourself in getting rid of all the clutter inside your brain. The clutter comprises the negative thoughts that the EV’s have implanted. Get rid of all of it and make space for the positivity of the universe to rush right in. Trust me, it will and when that happens you will live in awe for the rest of your life discovering the magic that life has to offer. The world isn’t that bad a place. It has a lot of beauty, a lot of magic but only for people who are ready to let go of the negativity and embrace the beauty and the magic. Discover yourself each day. Feel alive. Worth it.


Avoid Negativity





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Being Free, Being Me ..!!!

..As a kid i was quite the rebel, questioning anything i was confronted with..A little more than two decades later i am still the same..A lot of people thought i will ‘change’ with time and adhere to norms of society (even if they made no sense)..Nothing changed..I became more of who i am..And i am very happy with the way i think..even though some times the closest of my people feel that maybe if i ‘changed’ a’ll be better for my own good..Why do people not realize that changing yourself, your essential being is like cheating on the way you were created..Isn’t my happiness all that should count? My being different – is it some sort of a threat to people around me?? Or is the selfish human nature which has since times immemorial criticized for thinking ‘out of the box’ ? I feel both..Not even one example we have in history where an individual was appreciated at the first instance for being different..Criticism, for me is quite a motivation..Criticism and me go so hand in hand..We have a kind of special bond now..And i believe that i am criticized because people feel that i am in some way more ‘progressive’, more ‘liberal’ and most of all FREE than they are..Free from the dogmas, the narrow outlook, the shackles of society..It does get painful at times when people consider you insane for the way you think..At least for a lot of years it was..The feeling when i thought that is everything ok with me..? How do i not connect to people that fast..? why don’t our mental faculties meet..? why doesn’t’ the societal issues bother them as much as they bother me..?  Now after so many years the world at large speaks of the very same issues, i feel ‘ “o yes i was way way ahead of my time”..

..And now is the time i realize that being the way i am has helped me in so many ways..i have never allowed anyone to suppress me or my way of thinking..people can agree with me or disagree with me..that is up to them but NOBODY can ever impose things i do not want to conform to..and that is what makes me FREE..At times i find myself standing if the entire world has gone against me..In moments like that i tell myself..If this is the price for being ‘YOU’ it..We humans have ‘evolved’ over a period of thousand years..we have fought endless battles to find our now when we finally are living in a world where we are entitled to have independent opinions and being FREE .. why are we so scared  to be that way??I am proud of who i am..i am not perfect. i have a lot of flaws but those flaws can improve over time..what will not improve over time is my essential ‘self’ being chained ..that too for things that don’t really matter..So i choose to remain the way i am..Life is a journey of self-refinement..a process of transformation..We have got just one life and that according to me cannot be wasted in being ‘somebody else’ just for approval by people who will never matter..I refuse to live in fear, i refuse to be chained and i refuse to NOT BE ME.. The time when i will be minutes away from parting from this world and my entire life will appear in front of me like a series of  images  in a  slideshow, i will feel happy that i did not waste a lifetime just eating, sleeping , drinking and procreating..I want to live ‘being me’ and die ‘being me’..Therefore no matter how much the criticism, how much the enslavement by society , i refuse to budge from my stand..i am happy ‘being free’..i am happy ‘being me’.. !!!

breaking chains

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A State Of Mind Indeed!

No matter how hard you try looking for happiness outside, you won’t ever find it..because the ONLY person on this entire planet who can provide that is  YOU..Single/Committed/Complicated/Married..whatever your relationship status is , the secret mantra for finding happiness is to continue being the person you are..Don’t ever change yourself for anyone, come what may..The moment you try to change, you’ll be chasing after that blissful beatitude which always belonged to you.Let it follow you instead…Let people accept you the way you are..if they love you they will..if they don’t, you know they are not worth it..

Life is beautiful..Cherish it..Discover every aspect each yourself..Love the creation that was unique in itself at the time of its conception – YOU

..Feel blessed..Celebrate life, Celebrate you!!


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