Civil Services Exam: Daily Doubt Solving Sessions

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I’ve received a lot of questions in the past  across social media pertaining to different aspects of the Civil Services Exam. I’ve tried my best to answer them on social media as well on the email ids given by many of you. But my blog seemed the best medium to address them collectively so that more and more aspirants can benefit. Feel free to post your doubts in the comments section below and I will answer them one by one within 24 hours.

If your questions are not visible in the comments section immediately, do not worry. It only means that they are pending for my approval.

Looking forward to guide you a little better. After all our country needs dedicated bureaucrats. 

Make this year’s exam your greatest attempt. I wish each one of you my very best 🙂

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304 thoughts on “Civil Services Exam: Daily Doubt Solving Sessions

  1. Hello mam ,I m very confused regarding the optional. whether I should choose psychology or Public administration ,i m in a dilemma .I have a lot of interest in psychology that Public administration I have read from different blogs that Psychology is not a scoring subject and very few materials available .Is that true? If I will take optional from where should I start ? and also i have an Engineering background .Sp please help me.Thank you


    1. Hi Biswambar,

      First of all, don’t go by what others have to say because the performance in an optional depends on the individual alone. Nobody else should pass a judgement.

      Both psychology and public administration are good optionals. You should base your choice depending upon three factors –

      1.Your interest after seeing the subject matter
      2.Heftiness of the syllabus
      3. Available Guidance.

      I studied psychology in college along with Hons. and hence it came a little handy to me. For a fresher, some guidance will be required.

      So for starters, I’d like you to go through the complete syllabus for both and the past 3 year papers and then come to a logical conclusion.

      Once you do that, ping me here and we’ll proceed further.


  2. I was working on a timeline. Hence wanted your view. Keeping in mind the 2018 exams, by when would you recommend one to finish all the NCERTs and start with the reference books?


    1. There are 2 ways to proceed –

      1. Finish all the NCERTs and then switch on to reference books.

      2. Prepare from NCERTs and Reference books simultaneously, moving from NCERTs to reference books.

      I insist you go with 2.
      This way you’ll prepare well, understand all the facts and save time.

      But if you want to go with NCERTs alone, then you should try finishing them in the next 75 to 90 days.


      1. Thank you so much, Akriti!
        I cannot begin to explain how helpful you’ve been. You come across as someone who genuinely wants to help the aspirants and that’s selfless and commendable.

        Since you’re suggesting to go with option 2, I might as well give it a try.
        Please let me know in case I’m missing on any reference books below:
        1. Polity- Laxmikanth
        2. History- Bipin Chandra
        3. Physical Geography- Khuller
        4. Economy- Raman Singh

        Thank you:)


        1. Awww..thank you. That are some kind words 🙂

          All the books mentioned by you are good reference books. So please go ahead. I’ll just suggest you start reading Environment as well.

          Best wishes. Visit here for any doubts anytime.


  3. Hello Ma’am, please guide me regarding my optional i.e. anthropology as it has very concise syllabus and related to human beings so I found it interesting. Is it ok to go for it being an engineer. How should I start my preparation for CSE 2018 from scratch now.


        1. Anthropology is a good optional especially if you have a hold over it. So why go for something else. Go for it. I discussed it with a friend as well. So he told me the same that it is a scoring subject indeed. Best wishes.


  4. Hi Ma’am,
    Read your many answers at quora & I appreciate your efforts to address queries in best way possible.
    I am an civil service aspirant & will be giving CSE2018 as my first attempt.
    I am in dilemma to select my optional, having done B.Pharm & MA in Pub Ad (with only basic understanding of subject) I prepared my mind to opt for pub ad but the recent trends of questions (gone through previous year papers) & marking pattern is creating hindrance to go for it. I given a look at the syllabus of psychology as well & found it OK. As I don’t have in depth knowledge the subject it would be of great help if you can guide me whether opting psychology can be a good choice to succeed in UPSC , how much comfortable it is for an beginner , efforts required to get hold on the subject, the difficulty level by UPSC for the subject, compatibility of the subject with a pharma graduate.

    Thanks in anticipation!!

    Somjeet Shastri


    1. Hello Somajeet

      Thank you for that insight about yourself. Before I answer your query, I’d like you to answer the following questions , so that I guide you better-

      Q1) Do you find psychology interesting ?

      Q2) Have you ever studied psychology before ?


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