Sole Struck !

There’s something about heels that makes them so fascinating and so desirable to women – actually to men too. The mere site of stilettos or pumps, sort of gives you the enthralling experience. I mean even the word, ‘stiletto’ sounds so sexy, so leering.

High heel levitates the woman who wears them as if she has been put on a pedestal. Not that it’s the only thing that counts. But it just adds up to the overall personality. Stilettos, i feel  are the only object to gain the highest level of popularity in the fetish world. This is partly due to the fact that high heel shoes are like works of art in themselves, like small sleek curvy exotic sexy sculptures. They have always been in style. In fact they even find mention in the age old story of Cinderella. I’m not a huge fan of the that tale or of Fairy tales in general but the picture of those shimmering heels even in my story book as a child was so damn riveting. The clothes we wear don’t have the visual fetish appeal without the wearer’s body filling out the curves, but shoes stand on their own as coveted fetish objects. There are countless people who collect exotic high heel shoes worldwide and therefore, the day I decide to make a trip some place exotic – I’m putting my money in buying some really trendy ‘pairs’ of high heels. I’m sure I’ll never have them enough though. What more do i say. Simply obsessed !!



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Akriti Mattu

  • Divya Sarjolta

    High heels are sexy, an absolute must in a woman’s collection 🙂
    i suddenly have an urge to shop for a pair .. i just need to know where can i order those blue ones in the picture. Ravishing !!

  • Not in favor of high heels but liked the quote at the bottom. 😉

    • For me high heels is all about attitude so works for me just fin. Yup the quote is cool.

      • yep ! just make sure that the height of attitude does not bring the pain with itself ! 😀

        • No pain, no gain !!

          • good one. I quit ! Looks like you love high heels too much.

          • And i rest my case 😀

  • 🙁 😀 🙂

  • Thank you ever so much for your like on a recent post!

  • Wearing my new red shoes with kitten heels today. I totally get what you are saying 😀

    • Ya ya enjoy them 😀

  • I simply liked this post Akriti, basically i don’t wear heels but right now feeling like to buy a pair, soon I will!!!!!!…. Thanks for inspiration 😉

    • Sure, get one today 😉

  • Neat post. Just wanted to add that scientists have studied why high heels are so attractive. You might find it interesting.


    • Thats a cool link. Thanks for sharing . i like the “Bottom line: the wearing of high heels is a win-win situation” part 😀

  • I catch every damn drift 😀 Thanks for dropping by here and leaving this comment . As for the future , i plan to go ‘high on heels.’ 😉

    Yup the picture is damn good, so are the heels in there. Punk 🙂

  • Hmm, wish the roads in Mumbai permitted me to wear them. I love the taut line they give to legs, like gazelles.

    • Roads maybe not, wear them to work, parties, get togethers etc – basically, wear them where you don’t have to walk much, just flaunt 😀

  • Love it!! Love heels…just can’t wear them 🙁 but still love to look at them!!!

    • Try wearing them at places where you don’t have to walk a lot 🙂

      • 🙂 Heels…there’s just something about them!!

  • I always wear heels. A physiotherapist that helped me through my last spinal injury told me that if you wore heels as a young girl for many years your spine gets used to them and even if you have a spinal injury you should wear them. Your spine is just used to them at that stage.

  • My Dear Akriti, agree with You about keeping One’s Head and Standards High. As for Heels, Thank God I do not have to resort to them! Haha. As for keeping ‘up’ with You, that I shall not! But let us Race! Also saw Your post about Religion. Shall go through that next time, am just now in the process of writing a post. Regards and Love.

    • Yup lets race . Its good to compete. Brings out the best in you 🙂

  • Lakk thidkda jave tera haaye ni kasoor ae sara
    Ucchi addi heela da ucchi addi heela da
    Dil phisalda jave tera haaye ni kasoor ae sara
    Ucchi addi heela da ucchi addi heela da

  • You are delightful! As they say, “You go grrl!”

  • And since I’m such a fan of heels, I love what you’ve written here.

    Long live the heels 😉

  • love a woman on heels red heels with white circles or somethin damn

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