Always Ours

The landscape is breathtaking!! Why are we not fighting for it? It was always ours.This is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.





ratti gali lake

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Akriti Mattu

  • And also coz’ we don’t care.

  • Vivek Brahmbhatt

    We all like lush green landscapes & cataracts, a geo-feature gift to an nation.very scenic! What about blood bath scene in war fields? Places can be travelled but war from the history can’t be shoveled

    • So whats the point you are making here ? That we give up on places that belong to us??

  • If you mean a war i am not sure if that will do any good to anyone.

    • Akriti

      By ‘fighting for it’, i meant engaging in a dialogue at least. i mean the exodus of kashmiri pandits took place in the year 1990.now its 2014 – 24 years. And we haven’t done squat about that.That hurts .

    • Is Kashmir a Black Hole? http://vpatrika.com/Kashmir_91120.html

  • Beautiful!

  • Nice place đŸ™‚