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#EarthArt From the International Space Station : If This is Not What Makes One Stand in Awe of Our Colossal Planet, What Else Can

On May 28, 2014  Reid Wiseman (an American) , Maxim Suraev ( a Russian), and Alexander Gerst (a German) went on a 166-day space mission.  During their voyage in space, Astronaut  Reid Wiseman  tweeted photos of the Earth and shared intriguing videos of our planet as seen from the International Space Station. The pictures are just awesome and include crew selfies ,  photos of our planet in miniature form, images of different states of USA,  images of different Countries and some important landmarks. The shots he took from up there have been tweeted by him throughout his expedition with the hashtag #EarthArt. I was so fascinated by the pictures that i had to share some of them here. I’ll caption them exactly as captioned by Astronaut Reid Wiseman on Twitter. I  got mesmerized by these pictures. I’m sure all of you reading my post will get mesmerized too. If this is not what makes one stand in awe of our colossal  planet, what else can.

This is where it all began for


Oh my. #Florida and the #Bahamas a moment ago. Unbelievable beauty.


Wow, easy to spot the commercial airliner arrival corridor into


Super view of the Finger Lakes in New York.


Indescribably emotional to see this. DC, Baltimore, NYC, Great Lakes just before


I can’t help but smile every time we fly towards the coast.


Wow!!! San Diego, LA, San Francisco. And Vegas sticks out a bit in the desert!


blue waters and spiraling clouds. still amazes me every day.


A little from near


I love it up here. This morning looking towards and


A in oozes fresh lava and a tiny bit of steam


I love flying over the west coast of South America.


Still some snow capping the but summer is on the way.


Almost yin and yang over in this odd


is pure art from above.


Sand from blows west across the


The and windswept desert. I love flying over this area.


Oddest clouds I’ve ever seen. Over .


No doubt about it, those are some GREAT at


Southeastern Mediterranean, Libyan Desert, Nile River Delta & Valley, Red Sea, Gulf of Suez.


Breathtaking. The and the Red Sea meet the Mediterranean.


Goodnight to and northern from the


is the most photogenic of countries, day or night.


Fresh snow caps the with sun glinting off the Med. Fun to watch winter arriving across the north.


Afternoon clouds stop just short of


at top at bottom – neat to see how land was ripped apart long ago.


–a beautiful bridge in what I think is


Any fans out there? I think this is Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Bw2iXb9IEAEGZ7i (1)

146 days orbiting and this is the first time I saw on a crystal clear afternoon.


Passing over India just now. Undoctored…unedited…unbelievable.


India enjoys a clear night as clouds begin to blur neighboring cities

BtLPb6QCAAA1g0S (1)

– I’ve seen many from here, but none like this


By luck, I spotted this breathtaking as we flew over


Unbelievable looking straight down on just now.


Amazing view of and


The rings of at night – been trying to get this shot for a long time.


Almost all of at dawn.

resize (2)

A little thanks to


– Red desert of is truly unbelievable.


My favorite views from – just past over the ocean.


I still chuckle at how tiny our looks from up here.


I still have trouble comprehending that this impossibly thin blue curve keeps everything alive beneath it.


Last picture from the – thanks for making this fun!


What a ride it has been. 166 days in , time for me to head home.



  1. DivyaSarjolta

    truly awesome! the earth looks so beautiful, so amazing 🙂

  2. This is awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. O! Wow’s those pictures are amazing. I can understand why they captivated you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I get an email when the ISS goes overhead. I watch it every chance I get. I was a “puppy” in Houston in the 60’s. It made me a “space nerd”. *grins* nice post.

  5. I love the one with the thin, blue, thumbnail of light. Beautiful.

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    Amazing images of earth from the International Space Station.. stunning and without any hint of the turmoil that seems to be so much a part of our modern times….. excellent post by Akriti..

  7. This is so amazing to see, whether it’s my first time or my second. I love pictures from space, whether they are about our planet, our solar system or the regions beyond. Thank you for sending me this link!

  8. Unbelievable. Stunning. Magnificent. Wow!

  9. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  10. wow – Akriti – this is such elegant, amazing words and images which brings a valuable factors and elements. This is just amazing to Crystal!

  11. Wow!!! San Diego, LA, San Francisco. And Vegas sticks out a bit in the desert! ( This belongs to me from San Diego:)

  12. The images are captivating. To observe sceneries that we don’t get to see often – or not at all – there are no words to describe the astonishing visuals! Thanks for sharing.

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