5 Habits that Every UPSC Aspirant Should Imbibe


In order to crack the most competitive public exam of the country, an aspirant has got to imbibe the following 5 habits –

1.Working Hard & Smart

Civil Services examination is a combination of both hard work and smart work. There is no point of devoting an entire year to preparation if you’re unable to score well during the actual exam. So throughout the course of your preparation, you should make sure that you should make sure that you indulge in smart practices to study, revise and evaluate yourself. It needs to be mentioned here that smart work in no way intends selective study. It implies achieving the maximum output in the overall time devoted.

2.Daily Discipline

A Civil Services aspirant should be religiously devoted towards his/her preparation. This will not be possible without inculcating discipline in your daily life. Be it in creating a study plan and sticking to it, or achieving daily, weekly and monthly targets or even in timely and healthy eating – discipline will take you a long way. Make sure you embrace discipline as a lifestyle.

3.Voracious Reading

Fifty percent of Civil Services preparation is voracious reading with absolute awareness. A Civil Services aspirant is expected to stay aware of all the events that are contemporary or have happened previously. Remember, UPSC always sets a lot of questions pertaining to the past (that influence events presently). A habit of voracious reading will not only help you build a decent vocabulary but also help you improvise your perceptions of a lot of things. It will help you create your own world view.

4.Staying Physically & Emotionally Fit

Civil Services as an exam will not only test your knowledge but also your perseverance. There might be times when you feel like giving up. Don’t – Just don’t. There might be times when you feel physically unfit. Try following a st regime that includes at least an hour of a light stroll or some exercise. Also, eat healthy. You need to have a healthy brain that is nourished. Staying fit will keep you active, motivated and more than anything else, happy.

5.Ignoring Hearsay

Don’t ever get mislead or depressed listening to aspirants or teachers or anyone for that matter who couldn’t qualify the exam. It may sound blunt but a lot of people will discourage you from staying confident and cracking the exam. Never allow people to utter things like, “Civil Services bhaut mushkil hai, tujhse ni hoga” or “Civil Services sirf toppers crack karte hai, tumse nahi hoga.” Stay inaccessible and invest in quality time in learning something good and substantial each day and finally producing it in the exam.

All the very best 🙂

Akriti Mattu

  • jokeratupsc

    great tips Akriti!!!well said, very much relevant in present scenario of civil services preparation:)