Discover your Silver Lining

silver lining

Difficulties they say , are like training camps. They make you confront what is real, which you may or may not have thought you’ll face. The early you face them in life, the more stable you get. The deeper the affliction, the more bright is the silver lining later on. When one falls on the ground and keeps on tumbling more and more, there comes a point , i call a ‘halt.’ Henceforth, one can only rise. There is no deeper pit to fall into. No rut to slip into. There is only the firm and steady surface to hold on , where you lie down with your head facing towards the sky and in that sky you see no darkness but the shining stars that twinkle brightly.

So, if you are at a point in your life right now , where situations are challenging and you feel exhausted, don’t be disappointed. Instead be thankful because your life is changing for good. When you look back upon this time five years from now, you will realize that your life was transforming. Not just transforming , but leading to a metamorphosis you never dreamed. Remember – Β For every setback you rose up to, there will always be a major come back…

..And thisΒ is how people discover their silver lining and turn rock solid !!

silver lining






Being free is being me !!

22 thoughts on “Discover your Silver Lining

  1. Great photo to illustrate a silver lining and yes so true. Sometimes we get so short sighted that we don’t realize what amazing transformations may lie beyond our temporary discomfort. Thank you for writing this to remind us. I also really appreciate your visit to QuickMeUps. I hope you’re doing well, sending big smiles and hugs your way, have an amazing day!!! πŸ™‚

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