From The Heart Of A Child :(

The last thing a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything” :(

I happened to come across this picture on Twitter today and I haven’t been able to be at peace ever since. It just breaks my heart. It’s a picture about pain and suffering of a 3 year old boy who became a part of religious intolerance in Syria. This boy’s last words before dying were, “I am gonna tell God everything”. 😦

The child’s deeply touching words and the sentiment behind those words presents such a deprave situation of the world. These words make your eyes water and makes your heart so heavy. Is this the world we are living in ? The child wants to make an appeal to the Almighty to ‘punish’ the people who hurt him so inhumanly. If this is what a 3 year old is subjected to, what the hell are we doing ? Are we still humans or have turned into beasts ? It really is a sad state of affairs.

When will religious bigots realize that war kills not just humans but also their humanity. The kid in the picture could have been anybody’s child from any nation. What is religious intolerance and fundamentalism doing to this world ? Can we ever say that there are any real winners? No one’s winning here. In fact there can NEVER be any winners in war. The world at large loses because humanity loses. If some fanatics feel superior that they won a war by ‘controlling’ a region and killing innocent lives in the name of religion, it’s time they make sure that they still are in human form and have not turned into beasts !!




Being free is being me !!

252 thoughts on “From The Heart Of A Child :(

  1. I love the sentiment here. I’m no pacifist, but it’s atrocious that civilians and especially children are ever victims of war under any circumstances, whether through actual injury or damage to quality of life. Personally, I feel like more often than not, all of us are seen just as pawns by the relatively few ‘war-starters’ in their bloody chess game. NO human life should ever be a pawn. I don’t believe in telling people that their life is less important than some agenda. That’s not anyone’s call to make.

    Thank you for talking about these things. We need to do all we can to stand up for what we believe.


  2. “I’m going to tell God everything” from the mouth of babes is the innocent truth that God is our True Father and we can Trust in his Love. We are called to only love; justice is only served by the One Creator of all heaven and earth who can see the big picture. We are never to focus on vengeance or punishment; we are merely to love to the best of our ability, knowing we cannot see the whole picture. The Holy Spirit always knows at least one more thing in a situation or person that we cannot see. We are never to judge but to Trust in the One. Jesus’ most difficult Truth is “love your enemies”. If we can begin to do that, there will be no more enemies. Hurt people hurt people therefore Love is the only true healer. God is Love without opposite; God is Light without any darkness. Total reliance on God is the way to peace. When we receive God’s peace into our soul we can rest in God and Love; to love in the face of suffering; to love and keep our heart open even in the pain of seeing an innocent child suffering; to let our heart break for what breaks God’s heart; to let our heart rejoice in the innate goodness of God in the center of all human beings when they surrender to the One. Whether in a body or free from a body, there is complete fulfillment and satisfaction, peace, joy, perfection, wholeness, oneness and tender loving-kindness in God. One day all will wake up and transform back into the image and likeness of God or they will be disarmed and destroyed. Truth wins; Victory is assured. Rest in God and Trust! Focus on the Spirit and the things above; be transformed by the renewing of your minds in Christ Jesus and watch as the world transforms. Do not judge by outward or physical appearances; keep your eyes one-pointedly focused on God and begin to see the outward transform. The perfect Love of God is the only real answer! It is the true healer! May everyone open to receive the Love pouring into hearts by the Holy Spirit. Let this Love- balm heal hurting hearts and restore our true identity as sons of the Living God.

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    1. I’m sorry but it have to disagree with what you wrote – although I appreciate the kindness in what you wrote, it is simply not true, delusional and unhelpful.

      This young boy is a victim of religious warfare. Warfare that exists because of disagreements on the very nature of the god that they choose to live – the same god that this boy is appealing to. The same god that watched with indifference as homocidal men and women committed awful acts of violence against our fellow humans – in his name.
      The reality is, this boy didn’t appeal to god because he believed he was his eternal father, he appealed to god because he was indoctrinated and didn’t know any better. If this same boy was born in the USA or parts of Europe he wouldn’t be appealing to god at all – and if he did happen to do so, it most certainly wouldn’t be the same god.
      This boy needed the love of his fellow humans, the care and protection of those responsible for him and a chance to live. Unfortunately god denied him all of that, and it is us, regular human beings that need to stand up for the memory of his little boy and do what we can to prevent others.
      I firmly believe that irrational belief in god caused this mess. As soon as we take responsibility ourselves and stop palming them off towards a fictional god then we have a real chance of getting together and working hard to put an end to this and guarantee freedom to all.
      My faith is in our solidarity to one another.

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      1. rational humanist you are absolutely correct in everything you say about the “god” you refer to; it is the god of this world = satan, the prince of the air, that divides, separates, seeks to kill and destroy and pits one group of humans against another, turns religions against each other and tears families apart. The Truth about God is this: unconditionally loving, unconditionally accepting, unites, heals and makes whole, sets free, give Life and Life more abundant and is every human being’s Loving Father. The lies about God are originated by the god you speak of. Ask to know God and his resurrection power intimately; ask to be shown the Truth and you will find peace. “Come to Me and I will give you Rest” These words were the first words Jesus said to me and a warmth started in my belly and as it increased it started to rise in my body and when this liquid Love reached my heart it felt like an explosion went off and chains broke from around my heart (the horrible effects of the suffering and pain that the god of which you speak inflicted on me) and I was transformed and set free. I have continued to see miracles, signs and wonders, healing and transformations since 1998 that blow my mind. Yes, God is real and yes the god of this world hates him and hates human beings because we are made in the image and likeness of God. The problem is most people are listening to the god of this world and are deceived and suffering and hurting each other. Know the Truth and the Truth will set us all free.
        May you be blessed rational humanist!

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          1. Oh, bless your heart! I do not believe in miracles, I LIVE them! I have experienced too many to share them all (I have shared a few on my blog). Don’t try to rationally, logically know God with your brain; the infinite is beyond thinking and beyond our finite brain. The awakened, open heart, the innermost heart beneath the physical or emotional, can KNOW God! Don’t take anyone’s word or any religion’s teachings; test it out for yourself. Speak to Jesus and say, “I don’t believe you exist so I need you to show me; teach me Holy Spirit, I want to know if God really exists” If you are sincere, you will see and experience! Your brain has been conditioned to filter out all you don’t believe and find evidence for all you hold so dear, i.e. logic, rational, linear, physical laws, etc. Your left brain is functioning well! You trust what you have been taught and have experienced, but how can you discount the right brain’s connections, what is beyond the brain, and what so many have experienced? How can you be so sure of what you do not know or have not yet experienced? Keep asking questions! Ask for the eyes of your heart to be opened! Seek and you will find! Knock and it will be opened to you! Ask and you will receive! I wish you all the best!

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          2. Again, I appreciate your kindness and sincerity. I do how web disagree on a few points you make.
            Miracles – I believe that if you did in fact experience a miracle, then it is more likely that you were mistaken than to suggest the laws of nature were not just suspended, but suspended with you in mind.
            Secondly, your suggestion that I ask Jesus to show himself to me. Now, for me to be sincere in talking to Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to teach me and saturate me would only happen if I was to bring myself to believe. I am sincere about truth and honesty, but find no convincing reason to assume speaking to yourself will give you such answers.
            I assume you were talking about left and right brain as a metaphor but nevertheless I get your point. I deflect he question back to you on the hope it will answer your position. How can you reject what you don’t know? Have you not studied evolution ? The beauty of it is there is empirical and calculable evidence to support it. Additionally, you ask why i can be so sure – I don’t claim certainty, the truth is I don’t know, I assess what is more likely or plausible. You however claim to know the answers to certain questions for certainty. Answers that there’s no possible way to know the truth about what you claim. I’m glad you mentioned logic and evidence. When you say seek and you shall find, I must amend your biblical quotation to the following – abandon doubt, free thought, critical thinking and your value for evidence and you shall find what you want to find. Of course I have no right to insinuate what you should and shouldn’t believe. I was a Christian for many years but finally faces up to these difficult issues.

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          3. God is beyond religion. There is nothing to exclude; God includes and transcends all things; God is immanent in all things and transcends all things. I am sorry you had bad experiences with religion, so did I. At my lowest point, when I had given up all hope of God or human beings, the fire of God came through the top of my head, through my body, and the Holy Spirit breathed me and moved my arms above my head and I found myself worshiping God at the Throne. I don’t know how long I was there, whether I was in my body or not; I don’t know how or why, but all I know is when I found myself back to my physical senses I was transformed. Soon after this, Jesus came to me and spoke and my body had the transforming, transfiguring experience. My eyes, ears and heart were opened to a new spiritual level; my understanding changed; the words of the bible were opened to me and the Living Presence began to speak to me through the vehicle of the bible. With the Holy Spirit everything is new and fresh every day, and the eternal “now” was opened to my awareness. It is a new state of being.
            I bless you and pray that you find answers to all your questions. The mind will always have questions and more questions; the heart transformed by God has all the answers already and can rest in the peace that passes all understanding and truly know God intimately within and without. May you taste and see and know the Real Presence of the Living One! Love and blessings, Yvonne

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          4. Thanks for your thoughts and considerations.
            Unfortunately, what you’re saying is like white noise to me. There’s no evidence for it and you couldn’t possibly know the things you claim to know. I didn’t have a bad experience with religion really, I just faces up to the questions I had about what the Bible is asking me to believe and how it conflicts with the reality of the world we live in. I’m sure many people who consider Allah the true master and the Quran as his perfect word have had similar experiences that you talk about, and everything you say can be said in defence of the god of Allah as well as your god of Abraham.
            Regardless, it is nice to know you’re as happy as you are. The difference between us is you attribute your greatness and compassion and kindness to being gifts from god, but I would say that they’re all you. Thanks for sharing your views, I’ve enjoyed discussing them with you.


  3. Thanks for this post, Akriti! Have shared this on twitter, and am also sharing it in my Blog, though not reblogging it, as I wanted to add some thought to it. Love and Regards. Keep up the Good work.


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  5. So sad on so many levels. 😦 Seems the world just gets crazier and craizer. If only this little child knew that God already sees and knows everything that we are doing here…..


  6. I admire your emotional convictions here. As a father myself of a two year old boy, I found the picture too devastating to look at and reflect upon. Of course this world is full of horrors, but, to bring a level of optimism to your post – humanism and secularism is the way forward and is making incredible gains in the west with human rights and freedom of religion etc. We don’t have these in societies that live according to the wishes of god and harm others according to the truth claims of their religion. Hopefully, one day, fanatic and hysterical religious believers will be able to put as much investment into their fellow humans as they do in the afterlife.
    i can’t see me getting this tragic image of such a beautiful little lad out of my head any time soon. Sometimes I wish I could be in a position to do more for those who suffer. It is easy to comment when i’m sitting in a comfortable office with a computer and guaranteed human rights to add to my comfort.
    A sad subject but good spot. It always does good for those to reflect on the horrors of reality – even when those horrors exist so far away from home. Thanks!


  7. its all over money,power and control…..corpotations backing war machines,their sales go up,and the population rise is controlled, infrastructure is needed to be rebuilt inreturn from resources from a strategically important country… many more children dying in palestine,afghanistan,burma,somalia,sudan,lybia,iraq,lebanon….now next is ukraine on the list


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